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The Tree Fort Report
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Garrett, the Tree Fort Report host and author of "Lookout For Shorts: A Prison Memoir," has embarked on a book publicity blitz. Podcast episodes in the near future will include clips of Garrett interviews on other shows and prison discussions with former fellow inmates of his. Interviews will also appear with other self-published authors discussing that process and writing in general. As usual, chats will digress into current events, pop culture, sports, and practically everything else imaginable. Jokes will be cracked and balls will be busted.

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Garrett Phillips

Garrett Phillips is a humanist humorist or vice versa. Equal parts educated, worldly, and street-wise, although none too extensively. He’s definitely a smart-ass, enjoying life's rich pageant. Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, he lived nearly thirty years in Atlanta and most recently resided in Los Angeles pursuing writing and podcasting projects before COVID-19 struck. Currently in Richmond, Va., near family. The podcaster/author formerly occupied himself as an on-air morning radio talent, stand-up comic, courier, golf instructor, waiter, video blog host, and chauffeur, among other follies. He attended Georgia State University and always wants to hit a golf ball. Recently self-published "Loookout For Shorts: A Prison Memoir." Yang2020.